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The FIFA World Cup™ is the most prestigious and popular sporting event in the world, and it is coming to North America in 2026. Houston is bidding to be one of the 16 host cities of the 2026 FIFA World Cup through the Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee, Houston has coordinated an organized, impressive, community approach and strategy to the bid.

Many Houstonians share the vision of hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup and see the value it will bring to our community. And many have asked, “How can I support the bid?”





This campaign allows Houston businesses to support the Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee by financially backing the bid and demonstrating our community’s enthusiasm for being a host city.

Like the Houston Livestock & Rodeo Boot Art Contest, this campaign includes three-foot painted soccer balls. Participants can decorate the soccer balls however they like! Participants will display their soccer balls at their place of business during the campaign. We are also coordinating an Art of Soccer tour where the soccer balls will be collectively displayed in high-traffic areas around Houston.

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You will receive one (1) three-foot fiberglass ball.

You decide how you want to paint your soccer ball — using employees, professional artists, local youth groups, etc.

We encourage you to create a fun social media activation around your soccer ball design and painting process.

The Houston 2026 World Cup Bid Committee will also feature you on its social media platforms.

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Art of soccer benefits

You will be able to:

1. You will be able to participate in exclusive experiences such as a private tour at BBVA stadium

2. Have lunch with the president of the 2026 Houston World Cup Bid Committee

3. Receive complimentary tickets to a Houston Dynamo game.

If you purchase a soccer ball, a portion of your purchase will help support the World Cup Bid Committee’s campaign to build 30 mini soccer fields in underserved communities in Houston. This is in partnership with the United States Soccer Foundation and it’s Safe Places to Play initiative that will span over the next 5 years leading into the 2026 World Cup.



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